President: ​Erin Jones



           Favorite part about being a part of this organization: My favorite part about being a part of the Columbus -Fall River SnoBlazers is spending time with family, and meeting new and old friends who share the same passions. Not only do I have a passion for snowmobiling and the winter season, but for helping others in need by raising money, lending a hand, or sharing ideas to make our club and community more enjoyable for everyone. It is an optimistic group of people that wish for enough snow every year just so we can get together to share some laughs, take in the scenery, and enjoy the sport of snowmobiling. Even the seasons with little to no snow fall, the work is still put in, just in case there is just one weekend we can hit the trails.

​        Favorite place to ride: My favorite place to ride is anywhere with snow! But it is always best when you can grab your gear, jump on your sled and start right from home. The time and effort that goes into the trails from the planning and the marking, to the generosity of the landowners that grant permission year after year makes one really appreciate the trails we have in the Columbus-Fall River area. However, when we have to go searching for snow, the north woods area of St Germain offer spectacular views and plenty of challenges to see just how far many miles we can go in a day. 


Club Officers

Vice PRESIDENT: ​Jake Boness


           I love grooming the trails and I enjoy riding our trail system but also love the Lac du Flambeau area.

Secretary: ​Lori Schwoerer

​         Contact:

           My favorite part about being a part of the Sno-Blazers is that I enjoy socializing and working with others with similar interests to promote snowmobiling and our Club in our area.  Our Club members not only work hard to keep our trails prime for snowmobiling, but also to give back to the community in many ways including donating their time and fundraising for local charities. I am proud to work with them and be a part of a great organization.

            My favorite place to ride is right here on the Columbia County trails that the local clubs work hard to maintain!  It is nice when you can leave your house, and just jump on the snowmobile and go.  I enjoy the rides through the woods the most, they are beautiful in the winter with the snow covered trees and winding trails. In addition, there are many locally owned, small-businesses on the trails that support snowmobiling. Those are some of my favorite places to stop return the support in return.​

SNARs manager: Carol Jones



            Favorite part about being a part of this organization: My favorite part of being with the Columbus-Fall River SnoBlazers is spending time with friends and family.  It is great meeting with members and socializing.  I really enjoy helping with raising money for the club.  The best thing with the club is we give money to local charities in our area.  Our annual Pancake breakfast in June & July at Silver Springs is great time to be with members and campers.

            Favorite place to ride: My favorite place to ride is anywhere you can find snow!  I like to ride both local and up north in the St. Germain area.  It is great to just hop on the trail with my husband and step-daughter to go for a ride.      

Club Membership Chair: Tiffany fleig


Columbus Fall River Sno-Blazers

Columbia County Rep:  John & Norri Brozek


​        Favorite part about being a part of this organization: Their favorite part about being in the Sno-Blazers is that we work hard, but we also have fun while working.  They also love that they have gained so many great friends through this organization and sport. 

​        Favorite place to ride: They enjoy riding in our area but if weather and snow does not allow they like riding in  Medford, WI.

Treasurer:  peggy Faar


Favorite part about being a part of the Sno-Blazers: Everyone enjoys being part of a snowmobile club for the social outlet it provides for one of my favorite hobbies. For me, it allows me to have a direct voice in supporting the trail system and volunteering, especially seeing the smiles on people's faces when the club makes a donation to several local charities. We can all make a difference!

Favorite Place to ride: I enjoy making the loop on our Columbia, Dodge, and Dane County Trails. When we go north to Florence County with club members, memories are always made!