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MOHEE - 2015 @ the Mckenzie Center

We hold two pancake breakfasts a year at Silver Springs's Campground to raise money for our club.

Holiday Parade - November 2015

Workshop 2015 - Appleton

Fun club bonding on the trails.  

At this event, we had the opportunity to educate middle school kids on the AWSC and snowmobile safety.

Kick-Off Bash - OCtober 2014

Weiner Roast and Soupree on the Trail -  2014

Proceeds from this event were donated to the Wounded Warriors program in honor of Bud Jones.

On April 28th, we dedicated a section of trail to Bud and Mary Ellen Jones, two people who were very special to our club.

We hold a Kick-Off Bash every other October to kick off the season.  Next one will be October 2016.

A look into our Past

June/July 2015 Pancake Breakfasts

Trail Dedication

Trail Marking

4th of July Parade - 2015

Trail Maintenance

Harley Woodward received Snowmobiler of the Year and Kendra Minick ran for Miss Snowflake  at 2015 Fall Workshop.

White Elephant - January 2015

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Columbus Fall River Sno-Blazers